“Zip Screen” curtains are an automated curtain system with high durability, practicality in use and modern aesthetic design.

Durability and quality

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They are designed for the purpose of protection from sunlight during the summer months and to create an ideal internal atmosphere in the premises.

“Zip screen” curtains are produced in appropriate colors for interior and exterior spaces and can fit into all types of architectural structures.

Euro rattan uses motors for Somfy and Becker awnings. Somfy and Becker engines are manufactured in accordance with European standards and have quality certificates at the level of world standards. The motors are compatible in a way that they can be integrated into all our products, all the systems we produce can be controlled with a remote control. The pergola can be controlled very easily and practically via smart motors.

Somfy and Becker engines have a 5-year warranty.
Silent and light operation.
The upper and lower positions can be adjusted without the need for an assembly tool.
Possibility of wireless control with the installation of the receiver.
All awning applications have a high value of closing force (“+)”
Ability to control multiple awnings via remote control.
Possibility of turning on, off or dimming the lighting.

The system uses glass produced by the company Industrija stakla Trakya d.d. (Trakya Cam Sanayii A.Ş.) located under the auspices of Şişecam, a Turkish and European leader in the sector.

Glass is produced according to international standards and has all the necessary certificates and certificates of quality.

Euro Ratan uses a screen cloth or a transparent “mika” cloth imported from Europe.

It is a type of waterproof canvas.

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