Bio climate awnings

Bio climate awnings are a dynamic system of horizontal awnings that can be designed to the desired dimensions in order to create a more beautiful aesthetic image on external facades and pergola systems.

Durability and quality

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The bio climate awning can be controlled via a motor or manually, it is an extremely usable and functional product. The possibility of use in summer and winter is the reason for its frequent selection. It is an excellent choice for restaurants, cafes and similar catering spaces. Thanks to the transparent “mika” screen, it does not obscure the external view, while the selection of the screen screen gives the possibility of shading.

It can be used as an alternative in spaces where you do not want to use a glass system.


For the installation of bioclimatic vertical awnings, connecting elements made of high-strength aluminum are used.


With the help of remote control motors and reducers used in the system, it is possible to tighten the canvas and achieve wind resistance.


It consists of three parts: profile construction, side channels and underlays for tensioning the canvas.


It can be designed with a motor or with manual control according to your wishes.

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