The sliding glass system is installed with or without sills, thanks to its decorative appearance and practical properties when used it leaves a great impression. The system moves in a horizontal direction and provides the possibility of working in small areas, which makes its use practical.

Durability and quality

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With its modern look and aesthetics, the system creates added value in spaces such as houses, business premises, cafes, restaurants and fits into their environment. In the closed position, it provides full protection from wind, sound, dust, snow, storms and similar external influences, and preserves heat and reduces noise in the room.

With its ergonomic design and fully collapsible construction, it is suitable for use in all four seasons. Thanks to the feature that the panels can be easily opened to the right, left or in both directions, it provides top performance, without taking up a large area.


Aluminum washers and brushes prevent problems such as yellowing or falling out.


The sliding glass system can be installed with or without sills.


The glasses are tempered and 8 mm thick


An unlimited number of wings can be applied.

Water drain

Thanks to the corner supports, it has the possibility of water drainage.


It can be applied to all balconies, regardless of the direction of rotation (except for balconies with oval shapes).

Outdoor spaces

It is suitable for outdoor use up to a maximum height of 2500 mm and an individual wing width of 1100 mm.


For interiors, it is convenient to apply it up to a maximum height of 3000 mm and an individual width of each wing of 1200 mm.

Floor profiles

We offer alternative floor profiles of frames, without thresholds, 7 mm high, which allow easy passage in places where frequent entry or exit.

External influences

Floor profiles of frames with a threshold height of 5 cm provide a high level of protection from external influences that can occur due to adverse weather conditions, wind or water penetration in the areas with an entrance on the ground floor.

Euro rattan uses motors for Somfy and Becker awnings. Somfy and Becker engines are manufactured in accordance with European standards and have quality certificates at the level of world standards. The motors are compatible in a way that they can be integrated into all our products, all the systems we produce can be controlled with a remote control. The pergola can be controlled very easily and practically via smart motors.

Somfy and Becker engines have a 5-year warranty.
Silent and light operation.
The upper and lower positions can be adjusted without the need for an assembly tool.
Possibility of wireless control with the installation of the receiver.
All awning applications have a high value of closing force (“+)”
Ability to control multiple awnings via remote control.
Possibility of turning on, off or dimming the lighting.

The system uses glass produced by the company Industrija stakla Trakya d.d. (Trakya Cam Sanayii A.Ş.) located under the auspices of Şişecam, a Turkish and European leader in the sector.

Glass is produced according to international standards and has all the necessary certificates and certificates of quality.

Euroratan attaches great importance to the visual appearance of your space. The most important detail that completes the environment in which pergola systems are applied is the lighting. Depending on your taste, there is the option of drip (round) or strip (vertical) LED lighting, which, depending on the ambience of the environment, offers the option of natural daylight or white.

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