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We want to conquer many areas where furniture design should be pronounced and create a different image of Croatian furniture, it should not be positioned so that it takes its regional and national place.

Euroratan stolice i ležaljke uz bazen

Tradition and quality


Euro ratan d.o.o. was founded on 25.05.2010. as the first Croatian factory of hand-woven artificial rattan furniture Rattan Relax. We decided to take matters into our own hands and start production with the aim of surviving in Croatia as the first manufacturers of artificial rattan furniture and equipment who decided to go through design and quality, innovation and brand creation. We are aware that only with the listed qualities can we succeed in our efforts to place our high quality product on the crowded market of today, with the desire for the market to accept and use our product.

Rattan Relax uses a unique raw material when furnishing its furniture collections for indoor and outdoor spaces – artificial rattan fiber made of polyethylene. Rattan Relax furniture has hand-woven furniture surfaces with rattan fiber of extremely high durability and resistance to UV rays and is extremely resistant to various weather conditions (sun, moisture and water).

Rattan fiber has an exceptional range of properties: weather resistance, durability, environmentally friendly, looks warm and is flexible enough to be woven into a variety of patterns. We focus on the high quality standards of Rattan Relax furniture that we produce according to demanding quality standards – which confirms our obsession to create only the best seating.

The biggest attention of the company Euro Ratan d.o.o. dedicates to the entire range of products that must be functional, high quality and comfortable to use. Our goal is to be recognized and selected first by the regional market as a reliable, quality and efficient company in providing equipment for private and public facilities, and then to realize our vision of expanding to a demanding and competitive European market.

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