Standard awnings

The automated system is designed in such a way as to enable the transformation of open spaces, such as cafes, restaurants, terraces, gardens, etc. into an enclosed space. Thanks to different models and a wide range of colors, it transforms outdoor spaces into a maximum functional environment.
Durability and quality

The perfect choice for you

Euro rattan offers you recommendations for finding an acceptable solution by applying various models in accordance with the architectural structure of the space to be equipped. Camellia awnings are used to close much larger spaces. They can be placed as free-standing, with opening on both sides.

With its modern and clear features possessed by pergola systems, they improve your quality of life, with its pleasant design it gives you the possibility of efficient use of your living space, and with its elegant appearance it gives you moments of enjoyment.

Aluminum profiles

All aluminum profiles used in the system are manufactured to the highest production standards.


Actuation of the system is ensured by the joint movements of the support wheels and the trigger straps located inside the guides.


Galvanized sheets are used in the system for insulation.

Joints on profiles

All bolts at the joints, nuts and rivets are made of high quality stainless steel.

Plastic parts

All plastic parts used in the system, in addition to aluminum, are made of high quality material and designed in accordance with it.

Resistance to climatic conditions

The system can withstand wind gusts of 100 km / h, and is designed to withstand the effects of rain, sun and 30 cm thick snow.


They are coated with electrostatic powder paint. The current conductor, which is used during painting, creates a strong connection between aluminum and paint, which enables their better integration and long-term use, and prevents damage. The products are painted at a temperature of 200 degrees.

Euro rattan uses motors for Somfy and Becker awnings. Somfy and Becker engines are manufactured in accordance with European standards and have quality certificates at the level of world standards. The motors are compatible in a way that they can be integrated into all our products, all the systems we produce can be controlled with a remote control. The pergola can be controlled very easily and practically via smart motors.

Somfy and Becker engines have a 5-year warranty.
Silent and light operation.
The upper and lower positions can be adjusted without the need for an assembly tool.
Possibility of wireless control with the installation of the receiver.
All awning applications have a high value of closing force (“+)”
Ability to control multiple awnings via remote control.
Possibility of turning on, off or dimming the lighting.

Euro rattan gives great importance to the visual appearance of your space. The most important detail that completes the environment in which pergola systems are applied is the lighting. Depending on your taste, there is the option of drip (round) or strip (vertical) LED lighting, which, depending on the ambience of the environment, offers the option of natural daylight or white.

Euro rattan uses architectural blockout canvas in its pergola systems. Blockout canvas has a warranty of 5 years and all internationally recognized certificates and certificates of quality, and is a type of membrane consisting of PVC blocks made of high quality material. It is resistant to all types of weather conditions and its contribution to energy efficiency gives it the label of an environmentally friendly. The fabric is standardly produced in cream, white and gray, while as types of fabric there are uniform or three-dimensional patterns. Blockout canvas has the characteristic of one hundred percent water impermeability. A layer of film material provides effective protection from the point of view of thermal insulation. It is designed to withstand weather differences from -30 ° cold, to + 70 ° heat. One of the most important characteristics is fire tightness. The waterproof property of Blockout canvas is the main reason for its use in pergola systems. The architectural blockout canvas provides maximum protection from heat, moisture and dirt. Dense weaving increases its resistance, while the high speed of weaving and the way of knitting prevents it from cracking.

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